India Against Corruption and Jan Lokpal Bill 2011

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

What is Jan Lokpal Bill in Hindi by Anna Hazare

What is Jan Lokpal bill by Anna Hazare?

Jan Lok Pal Bill is a proposed anti corruption bill by some eminent members of civil society like Anna HAzare,Kiran Bedi,Arvind Kejrival etc for appointment of Jan Lokpal,an autonomous and independent body for investigation of corruption cases in India and complete them in one year

Why Do we need Jan Lok Pal Bill ?

Broadly, there are two  purpose of constructing the Jan Lokpal Bill 2011

The first aim is to ensure that for corrupt people there would  prison sentences. Corruption, regardless of the prime minister or judge, or officer of Parliament, all in objective investigation be completed within a year. And every trial must be completed with in a duration of one year

The other objective is to uproot the problem of Bribery that common man faces in his/her day to day life . Because it is a corruption of such a level that even from getting passports to Voter cards it had made people's life miserable. Consequently, a government employee treats a common man like slaves. 
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