India Against Corruption and Jan Lokpal Bill 2011

Friday, August 5, 2011

Anna Hazare Letter to PM for implementation of Jan Lokpal Bill 2011

Dr. Manmohan Singh
Prime Minister,Government of India
New Delhi,

Respected Dr.Manmohan Singh ji,

I sat on a hunger strike on April 5, your government has agreed to make joint committee. We earnestly hope and joined with the Joint Committee. The whole movement was in favour of Jan Lokpal Bill, We had hoped that the Joint Committee of Public Ombudsman Bill some small - except for big things would accept things.On April 5 there were two drafts - one Janlokpal draft bill and the government. Today there are two drafts.

Government Ombudsman who draft bills presented by the joint committee of five ministers, the country is a joke.Activities for panchayat corruption, theft of rations to the poor, living a life of starvation NREGA workers - wage theft .... A common man does the corruption has no place in government ombudsman bill. The government claims the Ombudsman will only high profile corruption.Perfect scam, scam Commonwealth Games, food grains scam, scam Reddy brothers, Taj corridor scam, the JMM scandal, cash for votes scam, fodder scam, the state's land scam, etc. - not in the scope of these government ombudsman bill . This is a very big question that comes after the government Ombudsman's scope of the bill? Government Ombudsman will not stay as you pretend?

Government Ombudsman is going to be just as institutions which do not have rights or power. You all state employees are exempted from this law. We ask that the central staff and monitoring should be made to the Ombudsman under this Act to be made in every state Lokayukta. Mr. Pranab Mukherjee said in the Miintng chief ministers are not prepared for it. First of all, did not need to ask the Chief Ministers. The case comes in the Concurrent List of the Constitution. And the Central Government may make laws. And another thing that he wrote the chief ministers of Congress-ruled states will decide which party high command of the party high command would have to accept them.

You can put the ball in the court of chief ministers and state your side. Both are putting up their responsibility to each other. This is how to deal with corruption? We do not understand the government through a law creating the Ombudsman and the Lokayukta is why the reluctance? The State governments to get rid of corruption to the public yet and will take many years.

A common man, lower level officials to deal with corruption, and those you put out every day. Government of India every year over Rs 30 billion, of which 80 percent of the ration is Sibsdi is stolen. Schools, hospitals, roads, etc. is a corruption of all kinds of work which is not covered by government Lokpal bill. These thefts are carried out by lower level officials.After 62 years of independence we have not made effective anti-corruption mechanism. And still not see the government's power.

You said ministers in the country, including central and state governments more than a quarter million employees. If enough employees to monitor corruption need a lot of employees. We have to ask you the reason you'll leave them all open to corruption. Our country is very big. Our country has numerous government employees. So it's obvious a lot of employees to monitor their corruption will need.

I know you want to Ativinmrata a man complaining of corruption, where to go today? Your Government's duty is not to give her address? Today, 62 years after independence, the corruption of your government in overcoming and the common man finds himself unable, it is unfortunate.

In the eyes of law, corruption is a more serious offense than rape and murder. Government corruption Color - Color is dominated. Tomorrow you go so far as murder and rape incidents has increased corruption, so will your government's attitude? I believe society first job of any government is to relieve guilt. Under no circumstances we can not say that no government is unable to escape crime and it will like.

Your government will take concrete steps against corruption. And we is not ready for less. I am committed to finding a solution to the corruption of the common man. For this, I and my partner are ready for the greatest sacrifice.Such statements are unfortunate in such dignitaries. These statements are Ikhlaf of the Constitution because the Constitution to the citizens of this country peacefully without arms is a fundamental right to collect and display. Such threats are a violation of our fundamental rights. But even if your government Kuclti our movement, we are ready for every situation. We are ready to arrests. Sticks are ready to eat. We will not under any circumstances at hand. Andealn will meet non-violent. We are willing to sacrifice. More on this and will not tolerate corruption.

Rumor that your government will submit bills to the Ombudsman to Parliament in the first week of August. We request that you submit bills to Parliament to the Public Ombudsman. Government Ombudsman's draft bill is just a lot of it has drawbacks. Is enclosed with this letter a list of those gaps. She's deficiencies is presented in the Parliament.

Parliament decides on the bill - which we are willing to wait for parliamentary procedures. But at least your government will have to present to Parliament a strict law.April 8, the last strike was broken when I did it till August 15 the government does not pass a strong law, then I will sit on a hunger strike from August 16 again.

I'll be waiting for your reply.

Anna Hazare

This Letter is translated from Anna`s Letter to Prime Minister in Hindi 

**Errors and Omissions Expected


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