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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Anna Hazare might be arrested from Ramlila Maidan at midnight

There is some news coming from sources that Anna Hazare might be arrested by Police tonight.This news was confirmed by Kiran bedi by tweeting on the Social Networking Site Twitter.Also Arvind Kejriwal made announcement from Ramlila Maidan that  Government might arrest Anna Hazare and Force feed Anna Hazare

Earlier the meeting between Team Anna and Government failed .Kejriwal said that after the All part meet the Government Attitude was suddenly Changed.Since yesterday the Government attitude has completely changed.The Government has clearly mentioned that Anna`s fast is only Anna`s Problem and Problem of team Anna

Kiran bedi said that Only after discussion with Anna ,we will make the statement.

Soon after completion of  the meeting team Anna demonstrated all the public gathered at Ramlila Maidan that people will have to completely observe Non-violence and if police try to arrest Anna that people will observe calm and peace and let police complete their task of arresting Anna Hazare

Keeping track of tough stand of government Anna appealed to the people to maintain the peace. Not follow the path of violence. The government is conspiring with us. He said if he is taken at night so people do not resist, but rather - to picket the home of his own MPs. For the country will be the prison. Anna said that the attitude of the dictator is a threat to democracy. British Government's attitude is like. Has revealed the true face of government.


john gray said...

If some one is doing good for our country government cannot see that he is doing some thing good.We all must take part with Anna jee. indian anti corruption act

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